Boulder engagement photography: Grace and Joey

I remember very distinctly when Grace told me about Joey. We were working at the same copy shop on campus, I believe during our junior year of college. She told me about this guy, a friend of a friend, who kept giving her all sorts of attention — sitting near her when they went out in big groups, urging her to hang out more frequently, asking her out on a date.

And she couldn’t stand it. She just didn’t feel the right connection with him, and wished he would take a hint.

Well, given time, Joey did take that hint and gave Grace the space she wanted. I think we were both rather surprised when she one day told me that she sort of missed him. And that maybe she did like him. And perhaps she should give this a chance. Joey, with his patient heart, was more than happy to do so.

And now, several years later, they are engaged to be married. I am beyond thrilled to be photographing Grace and Joey’s wedding next summer. Grace is one of my dearest friends, and I’m honored that she asked us to take part in her celebration.

Last weekend we went up to Boulder to photograph an engagement session. We got a little late fall color and a lot of really beautiful moments between these two.



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