Lakewood Maternity Photos: Amy Beth and Chris

This was the fourth time I had the privilege of photographing Amy Beth and Chris. And may I just say, it’s pretty wonderful to get to document the progression of a couple’s life together.

We first met AB + C in 2015, when they hired us to photograph their wedding. They took Dan and I to South Broadway for their engagement pictures; to Copper Mountain for their wedding; and to a hip little cafe in Denver for their reception. Then a few months after they said their “I dos,” they asked if we could take some portraits of the two of them and their sweet, elderly dog, Mali.

Fast forward to this year and an email awaiting me one day announcing that Amy Beth and Chris were pregnant with their first kiddo. Strike that: kiddos, for she was expecting twins! We set up a time to get together for a maternity shoot before the two little ones arrive. Here are a few of the photos we made.

Thank you for inviting me along to further document your life story together, Amy Beth and Chris! So excited to welcome the twins to the world this fall!


Daughters of the American Revolution Headquarters Wedding: Kevin and Caitlin

Dan originally hails from the East Coast and stays in pretty close touch with friends there, so over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to photograph a number of weddings in eastern states.

Kevin and Caitlin’s wedding this past fall was our first chance to photograph one in Washington D.C., however. When you think of our nation’s capital, you think of monuments, museums, and historic buildings, where events important to the founding and direction of our country have occurred. Kevin and Caitlin’s Washington D.C., wedding venue definitely captured that air of history, and did not disappoint.

The Daughters of the American Revolution Headquarters is as big and beautiful a D.C. location as we could have ever hoped. (Although the rather grand white building sitting just across the street from the DAR would probably give it a run for its money… perhaps you’ve heard of it.) For a history nerd such as myself, I soaked up the atmosphere of the place like a sponge. Unfortunately, I was not the only thing soaking when an ill-timed rain storm hit. Kevin and Caitlin and the whole party were troopers, however, and we forged ahead despite the inclement weather.

Daughters of the American Revolution Wedding

Daughters of the American Revolution Headquarters Wedding

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Washington Park Denver Engagement Photos: Amanda and Michael

There’s always something in the air this time of the year. Even after experiencing a mostly mild winter in our small metropolis, when we welcomed Spring last month, I’m fairly certain we all did some sort of personal salutation to the sun as we shed our heavier coats and prepared to embrace the forthcoming warmer and longer Colorado days. Or maybe that was just me; I can be a little goofy that way.

With this fine weather, and the promise of a world almost set to bloom, comes prime engagement photo season, and we have a rather Colorado-themed session to share with you today. Amanda and Michael came to us with the idea of starting off their engagement session at their favorite, neighborhood brewery (yes, please); get a few urban/city photos on South Broadway in Denver (which is one of our favorite stretches in the city); and then pop over to Washington Park to take a handful of photos with their sweet dog and enjoy some of the natural marvels Colorado so generously offers us. A couple of pints, an adorable dog, and two people ready to adventure, if that’s not a genius plan, I don’t know what is. We always love to see the creativity a couple brings to an engagement session that really speaks to their personal joys and tastes, and after hearing their suggestions, Dan and I knew these two were bound to be kindred spirits.

Thanks for spending a Sunday afternoon with us, Amanda and Michael! You were quick to laugh, generous with your time and excitement, and a delight to photograph. We are so looking forward to photographing your wedding this fall!

Now, if you’ll permit me, here is a brief note to other couples planning their own engagement photos: One size absolutely does not fit all. Make your engagement session about what you and your beloved love to do together, and/or stage the photos wherever you love to spend time together, and those preferences will make the session even more special, memorable and striking. I have much more to say on this, so stay tuned for a future blog post. High fives to all!


Wedding at Colorado’s Evergreen Lake: Abigail and Mark

Up until this point in our wedding photography business, we’ve met with couples several months ahead of their scheduled wedding, set out a plan for the day, met again a couple of weeks before a wedding, and then photographed their day.

For Abigail and Mark, the plan was decidedly different. Dan actually first met Abigail when she interviewed him for a freelance piece she was working on a few years ago for a journalism publication based in the United Kingdom. Eventually, Abigail moved to Denver after meeting Mark at the wedding of a mutual friend in Spain.

They were engaged late last year and planned their entire wedding and ceremony in a few short weeks. And we couldn’t have been happier to be a part of it.

What I loved most about A+M’s wedding was their insistence that the day be about their love, their commitment to each other and the significance of marriage. They were determined not to be bogged down by the stress that comes with any wedding planning — let alone one that involves a short timeline and bringing family from overseas. To see two people cut through it all and maintain the heart and meaning of their wedding was lovely.

They split the day into two parts: Evergreen Lake for the wedding ceremony (which a friend streamed live over Facebook — a first for us as well, and totally cool.) Then, it was on to Earls Kitchen and Bar for the reception in downtown Denver. The ceremony itself had a small handful of friends and family in attendance, and the reception in downtown Denver brought together even more close friends for cake and drinks and merriment.

Mark waits for Abigail to walk down the aisle at Evergreen Lake.

Mark sees Abigail for the first time as she walks the down aisle at Evergreen Lake.

Abigail and her mother walk down the aisle at Evergreen Lake.

Abigail and mom walk down the aisle at Evergreen Lake.

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Our favorite wedding photos in 2016

This is it, friends. We made it. We have arrived at the end of 2016. It’s been a year for the history books in so many different ways. On a personal level, we have seen a lot of growth in our photography and our dreams for this business, and it’s making us excited to launch into 2017 refreshed and ready to explore something new. Before we get there, though, we wanted to put together a recap of some of our favorite wedding photos from this past season.

I have to start with a disclaimer that this is certainly not every favorite photo we shot this year. To include all of them in one place would be something of an opus and would require us to have an intermission and hand out refreshments to all you fine people. But what you will find here is a collection of moments that touched us, thrilled us, showed love, joy and happy reflection. It has been an honor to share and document these moments with you, our dear brides and grooms of 2016. You have shown us such kindness in welcoming us in to capture your wedding days, and as always we wish you every happiness in all of the seasons ahead of you.




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